Portrait by Katrina Murray
Portrait by Katrina Murray

Applications are now closed for this round of Wug Laku Grants.

These grants honored the legacy of Wug Laku, a beloved Indianapolis visual artist and grassroots advocate for the arts. His untreated mental illness led to his death in 2017 at age 63.

Grants, supported by the Herbert Simon Family Foundation, were open to central Indiana-based artists and arts administrators. They ranged from $250 to $750 and were used for one-on-one therapy, support groups, art therapy, and wellness and mindfulness practices. Two rounds of grants were given before the program ended in 2022. 

Artist Stories

As part of our Creative Wellness campaign, Indianapolis artists talked about the ways they take care of their mental health, and encouraged others who are struggling to ask for help.

Nancy Lee, Metalsmith & jeweler

Devon Ginn, Teaching artist & poet

Mariah Ivey, Teaching artist & poet

Carol Nunez Verdin, Dancer

Ben Asaykwee, Actor/playwright


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