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Wug Laku Mental Health and Wellness Grants

When is the application due?

Deadlines for application review are each Sunday at 11:59 pm throughout the grant period of March 16 – June 13, 2022. Applications are reviewed and applicants are notified on a weekly basis.

How do I find and decide on a counselor/therapist?

The Arts Council has created a list of local and national mental health resources which you can access here. This list will grow as we hear from other clinicians who are accepting new patients so be sure to check back as needed.

The excellent database at Psychology Today allows you to filter therapists by location, specialty, and your personal specifications. When emailing a therapist, be sure to explain why you are seeking therapy and what areas/topics you would like to address in your time with the therapist. There is the possibility the therapist you reach out to is not currently accepting new clients. 

If that is the case, do not get discouraged. Reply with an email along the lines of:

“Thank you for your reply. Do you have any peers or colleagues that you think would be a good fit based on the areas I am trying to work through?”

Most therapists will be able to connect you with a great network of like-minded peers. 

Additionally, if you have the time, be sure to “interview” multiple therapists. While a therapist might look good on paper, there is a chance you might not connect well with that person, and that is okay! They understand this and it is extremely important to have a therapist you trust to get the best results out of your sessions.

If awarded a Mental Health and Wellness grant, when can I expect a payment? How will I receive it?

Everyone will be notified within 10 business days of submitting their application. During that time, in some cases, the review panel may need further information. You may email to inquire after 10 business days.

I work for an arts organization and 40% of my income comes from the arts but I am not an artist. Can I apply? (e.g., marketing staff, receptionist)

Yes, you are eligible. We understand that arts administrators who work in the arts may work for small organizations where mental health care is not currently covered by their plans.

What do I need to provide to show that 40% of my income comes from the arts?

Usually your resume will provide enough evidence, but if it doesn’t tell the complete story, consider sharing a website, past projects, events, jobs, etc. These items must show at least 40% of your income comes from your own art practice. This does not include commercial “fee for service” jobs, which can account for 60% of your resume/income.

If I don’t have a resume, what can I submit?

Our goal is to receive proof of your work history. You could provide a bio as long as it includes dates to mark your career as an artist or staff member. It could also include a website and/or social media that provides background on your work in the arts & cultural sector. We are sure that these are not the only ways to show your work history, so please provide whatever will allow the panel to understand the work you have been doing, how long, and to what extent.

What qualifies as proof of artistic practice?

Digital images of artwork, video or audio files of performances, and other examples that show the professional nature of your work over the past two years at a minimum.

I am a freelance photographer who spends equal amounts of time on my own fine art projects and on ‘service for hire’ projects like weddings, family portraits, and event photography. Am I eligible?

Yes. If you make at least 40% of your income from your own fine art projects and 60% or less on these fee for service projects (wedding photography, videography, etc.), you are eligible. As a small business owner, you might find useful resources in the Indy Chamber’s Rapid Resource Hub.

Can I reapply if I’ve already received a grant during this round?

Yes. Artists and arts administrators may apply once every 30 days (for up to three potential grants during this round), pending available funding.


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